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Knoxville, Tennessee is a city rich in history and many historic homes as well as historic neighborhoods that reflect the heritage and history of the town.  Most of the historic neighborhoods bring memories of the post Civil War movement towards the modern industrial area.  With several neighborhoods started as “streetcar” neighborhoods, they were designed to be within walking distance from the streetcars that residents used for travelling to work.

A common characteristic of Knoxville ‘streetcar neighborhoods is many of the homes are void of driveways and garages as few people had embraced the “car” revolution.  Other neighborhoods were started as warehouses and factories began to pop up as the industrial movement started.  Depending on your taste, you’ll find that each neighborhood has charm and character which sets them apart. Here are some more details on some of Knoxville’s historic neighborhoods:

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Old North Knoxville

215 E Anderson Knoxville, TN 37917 MLS#781833Old North Knoxville was established in the late 1800s to mid 1940s.  It is one that began as a street car neighborhood and is reflected in the architecture of the homes which vary in size.  Located adjacent to “Downtown North,” this neighborhood is within walking distance to restaurants and shopping.Many homes were designed by architects for affluent residents during that time.   Old North Knoxville was designated as an historic district and granted a historic overlay in 1992.  Since then, property values have increased dramatically as have sales prices which have seen a 157% increase in price per square foot.  For buyers, this is an excellent area to buy a piece of history.For the DIY’ers and home renovation enthusiasts, single family homes that need some updating can be purchased for just under $30,000.   If renovating is not your style but you love the old look of the giant tree lined streets and Victorian style homes, you can expect to pay up to the mid $300s for a completely renovated home in Old North Knoxville.  Additionally, there are a handful of foreclosures and short sales available.

Close to Old North Knoxville is another streetcar neighborhood called Fourth and Gill.   Developed in the late 1800s, Fourth and Gill was established to accommodate Knoxville’s growing middle and professional classes.  Many of the homes were turned into duplexes and apartments during the Depression and World War II eras but have been restored to the gracious homes they once were since the early 1990s.

Craftsmen and Victorian style homes as well as Arts and Crafts Bungalows are the main styles of homes you see when walking the tree lined sidewalks of Fourth and Gill.  Single family homes start in the mid $100s and climb to the mid $200s depending on the state of the home.  Condos at the renovated and gated Brownlow School start in the low to mid $100s for one bedroom units and go to just under $200K for two-bedroom units.

Old City

The Old City Neighborhood is an area of warehouses and factories that have been restored into condos, lofts and townhouses over the years.  This area includes the Jacksonville Warehouse District which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Old City and the Warehouse District attract the younger single adults who want to be close to the University of Tennessee and the action of the downtown area of Knoxville.

Over the last three months, the median sales price in this neighborhood is about $350K.  With a variety of condos and lofts available, buyers can choose live in Old City at condos in Jackson Atelier starting at under $220K.

Hewgley Park has loft apartments starting in the mid $100s.  Mid priced lofts at Lerner Lofts and the Residences at Market Square are priced in the mid to upper $200’s for two-bedroom lofts and condos.  Other more luxury lofts in buildings like the Gallery Lofts start in the mid $300s and climb to the mid to upper $600s for three-bedroom lofts with lots of amenities.

Island Home

Another historic streetcar neighborhood located on the south side of town is Island Home.  This tight-knit community is close to downtown as well as the Tennessee River.  Because Island Home is such a popular area, there is extremely low turnover here.  In fact, many homes sold are done so to buyers who find out about the home by word of mouth before the home ever gets a sign in the yard.

Lastly, a very historic neighborhood with widely varying prices is Mechanicsville which was established in the mid 1800s to accommodate families who work int eh factories surrounding Mechanicsville.  Located west of Downtown Knoxville, the area saw a huge decline after the turn of the century from the 1800s to the 1900s.  In 1980, Mechanicsville was listed on the National Historic Register.

Then in 1991, it was rezoned as an Historic Overlay District, the first area neighborhood to receive this status.   Homes are priced according to the restorations and updates on the homes.  Median home prices were priced at around $44,000 over the last three months. Homes needing a tremendous amount of work and updating start as low as $20,000 but climb to around $120K for more restored homes.

Knoxville has a lot to offer to buyers who desire homes with more character and history behind them – homes that tell a story.  With several areas and price ranges from which to choose, the historic homes and condos attract first time buyers as well as those who have the ability to spend a considerable amount to bring a home to full restoration.  If you’re interested in buying Knoxville historic homes let us help you find your piece of history!